Official denouncement

I’m sick of people needing me to do some shitty job.
Right now it’s ten past five, meaning one hour and ten minutes since I should’ve been on my way home, but no. I’m sitting here @ work, scanning for malware and malicious viruses on some high-flyin’ scientist’s computer. Great fun. What do I get?
Appreciation. Sure.
A "Thank you" for a job well done? Yes.
Respect as in the technical ├╝beruser world? For noobs: yes.
Money? No.

I’m getting hours _off work_ idling away at home or at some café trying to be creative, which doesn’t usually work until late at night when I should’ve been preparing for work anyway..

Therefore, in respect of what just said and what I do not want to come; I hereby denounce my self. I have no name, I am no person and in this regard I am not available to do any of your low-ranked yet high priority stuff that you could’ve done yourself if you only put yourself into the problem and tried twisting your mind around it. I’m used up. There is no more to me now. I’m a dried out leaf on its way down from the dying tree.

Goddamn civilians!
(.. I need a life, some would say. No. I need less of it!)

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