Albums to buy: Nick Cave and Tom Waits

I just got my hand on Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’ double album Abbatoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus which by the short run-through I did yesturday seems like a really solid album. Go buy it!

In addition Tom Waits‘ «Real Gone» is to be released in Norway the 4th of October, an album to follow or surpass the great acchievements of Alice and Blood Money? We can only wait and see.. But I wouldn’t be surprised if this is another brilliant production by a man we love to listen to and dare to love. I am intruiged, however, to read that Tom’s son, Casey, is coop’ing with his ol’ dad on Real Gone, playing a table-top scratcher. Should it give the album an even more characteristic sound than previous productions, or does it file under "another set of original tracks by a mastermind of Blues and ballads"? Norway’s Dagbladet gave it a five out of six.

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