The Science of Getting Rich, less scientific?

I woke up with a beautiful scheme that would eventually make me filthy rich. Listen.

I’d first call the ones responsible for the national Telephone Cataloge and tell them to put "psychotherapist" after my name. They would have to do this, since in Norway there are no regulations or qualifications applied to this. Then I’d hire a small, white-painted bedsit and decorate it as an office a block down, here at Grønland. In the local newspapers, especially those aimed at the immigrant population and street-folks, I’d put up a great ad for a couple of days, and I’d put a flier up at the nearest hospitals and immigrant residents. In addition, I’d place my ad neatly in every bar I know war-troubled individuals would hang out, translated into English and Arabic. I’d hire stray folks as translators if the need should arise.

The business would be up and running in no time, since I seem like a nice guy with good intentions. I would expand my office as soon as I could afford it, hiring some underpaid student to do my paperwork. This student would naturally have to be female, blond and attractive, eager to work late hours..

The money would be rolling in, but as to enclose the ordeal by making my profit double, I’d write political comments based on my "field of expertise" to national psychological and psychiatric journals, where the telephone number and contact information to my little scam would be deliberately emphasised.

If it would turn out that my patients didn’t get better, or that my treatment wasn’t sufficient in healing the patients, I could not be held legally responsible since it was a private firm and I had all the right in the world to call myself a psychotherapist.

These are all facts, mind you, and it could have worked.
I then realized that it actually does work! It has been working for fraudsters all along our coastline for about twenty years, and because of the lack of regulations and incompetent bureacracy, people keep giving away their money to these people! The government or the psychiatric/-ologic divisions of our health ministry does nothing.
Oh, well. I guess I’ll just have to do some honest work then.

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