September statistics for

As the site itself is growing, so does the number of visitors. This last month I was just 3000 hits short of 100,000 hits with a number of unique visitors around 9,000.

I’ve had some strange referrals too, including and

The most interesting search strings, mostly through, were:
how often should you wash your hair
schizophrenics commiting murders
blackjack mountainoklahoma
fuck grammatical loudly proudly audio
funny pregnancy pictures
and who produced the song the flying hippo

There’s not much difference in the nationalities of the Sigg3 dot net readers, but I’m intruiged to see that the more US Government and US Army connected servers that visit the site, an equal rise in the visitors from the Russian Federation servers can be observed. I’m still receiving referrals from obscure countries that I love, among others: Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Poland, Czech, India, Turkey, Sweden and Peru. It made a total of 70 countries involved with some part of the Sigg3 dot net userpages. Until next time: Thank you all!

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