Monday Money Mourning

You know it’s Monday when you’re getting dressed on your way into the shower..

So, how was my weekend? Well, I overspent. During the last week I was able to purchase four new CDs: Cave’s Lyre of Orpheus/Abbatoir Blues, Radiohead’s OK Computer, Garbarek’s Visible world and the cinematic score of The Piano. All great records, but most of them at regular prices, which is more than I can afford.. In the long run. I wasn’t thinking about the long run, though, when I was flipping through albums and albums at the local record store. I wasn’t thinking at all.

In addition, late Wednesday evening, I was invited to have a mid-week beer with a friend of mine, but it turned out that he had more than just one beer in mind. We first went to a karaoke bar in a pretty unsafe part of downtown, had some great moments, then went on for a couple of other places with his friends. At two a.m my friend got a sudden urge for women, can’t blame him, but I do blame him for just going off without even saying goodbye. There I was – deserted and drunk, and naturally ended up at my favourite bar where I was allowed to stay until 4 a.m. Naturally I almost ruined myself, and had to turn in sick the next day..

Friday wasn’t any better (economically speaking).

So, late Saturday night I’d just watched The Fast and the Furious on tv, when my friend Kornelius texted me and wanted me to join him looking for the heart of Saturday night. While waiting on a confirmation on his whereabouts I accidently checked my account and found that if I am supposed to have anything to eat the next fourteen days, I better tighten up and stay home. So I did, and will do in the closest future. Sad, actually. I had a great surplus before last week, but now it’s all codfish and soup and rationing my tobacco supplies. I met Kornelius out for a glass of water last night.

The morale in this story would be: don’t go out on Wednesday nights.
(Especially not with a give-a-fuck attitude…!)

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