Pollresults on "What's your favourite accessory to parties?"

This is Sigg3 dot net’s Weekly Poll, here again, with the facts.
Brown ale, good old-fashioned beer, seems to be preferred by a good third of the voters, a tendency that really warms my heart. 2nd place was hard liqour, which to me is acceptable only _after_ a couple of beers. Red wine got third place, scoring 3% points more than drugs. The score:

«What’s your favourite accesssory to parties?»
Beer and chilinuts: 3%
Brown ale (i.e. Guinness): 33%
Red wine: 14%
White wine: 3%
Coffe and cigarettes: 3%
Hard liqour: 25%
Drugs, naturally: 11%
Parties? Never been to any (N/A): 3%

Number of votes: 27
As usual I want to thank you all for participating, and stay tuned for more!

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