Link of the day: Long live Squirrels!!!

Heh, I accidently stumbled over this website when doing some quick research on the gopher protocol (yup, that’s a nerdy thing to do, but I was out of work for half an hour..). This site is really cool! Check it:

Link of the day: «The official homepage of the Squirrel Rights League»

Some from the page: "There are too many pages on the web giving squirrels a bad name." What?? Are they really serious? Let’s read on: "I think it’s about time we spread the truth around, to tell people that squirrels aren’t as evil as they’ve been portrayed by squirrel haters." Could this be serious? You should definitely check out the SRL page on Creed Discrimination: "Ever since I began my interest in squirrels in 1996, I have felt that I’ve been discriminated against." And of course the old, classic page Why Hate Rodents? A good read, if nothing else:)

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