Falling temperature and leather jackets

It’s getting chilly again. Us smokers get the first colds around the globe, being forced to stand outside to have a fag.. Oh, well. There are some great things about autumn as well. Like the colours. Red and gold. Too bad I’m living inside a freaggin’ city. I don’t hang out in parks, too many beggards and homeless people. Should’ve had my own, private park. That would’ve been something.

There are good things to the falling temperature as well. Like being able to wear my James Dean leather jacket without sweating my ass off, for instance. I tell you, when you get out of a hip-hop looking outfit and into that black leather, you feel like a new man. You feel like a different man. You feel like James Dean.

And James Dean was pretty cool. So, he might have been bisexual or even homosexual, but he had great feathers and combed his hair just right. Tom Waits said this in Sydney ’79: «I remember it rained all day the day that Elvis Presley died. And only a legend can make it do that. I remember that my girl was gonna walk out on me, but Elvis Presley talked her out of it. He gave you a rubber on prom night and thaught you how to comb your hair just right in the back of a filling station.» You got to have your feathers just right, if you wanna be Romeo, James or Elvis.

And you need a real, kick-ass leather jacket. Like I do.

5 thoughts on “Falling temperature and leather jackets

  1. Hmmm.. I just realized that this post was rather bad. I mean, jumping from beggars (misspelled as ‘beggards’, lol)and homeless people to my James Dean leather jacket.
    What would Sigmund Freud say? What is the unwritten text?

  2. Sure thing!
    Biker boots on bikerbabes, all the way!

    … But seriously. There are great leatherjackets for women as well. But if you’re not into SM/Bondage, you could go for one of these grey fluffy jackets and mittens. Those are cool. Fluffy stuff kicks ass! Or you could check out those jackets that looks like suits, like old people wear, and go for a French look with a petit hat and long scarf à la femme fatale. Great!

    And the list goes on…

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