A sleeping bear's predicament

So, I just heard on a radio that a hunter had been killed by a bear just across the border of Sweden. I don’t know, but I suppose the man wasn’t after the bear or anything, and the whole thing is really sad thinking about the poor hunter’s family etc. His dog most probably triggered the event.

I understand the bear.

I mean, who wouldn’t have gone berserk if some crazy dog had come into your bed, your warm, little, cosy bed, attacking you with snow-white fangs and loudass (really annoying) barking? I really get the bear’s predicament. He wanted to get rid of the dog, so he went for its master – its cause. The hunter then did something that probably sealed his doom, because a bear doesn’t just go around slaying humans. Not our bears, at least. What the hunter did was that he shot and wounded, but didn’t kill, the damn bear. A wounded bear is not a beast, but a demon unleashed. Thus it wrecked the hunter.

It’s really sad, as mentioned, but I do understand the bear. If it had been me, I would just have scared off the hunter. But I’d surely have killed that fucking dog.

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