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This is the first photo in my "Scariest picture of the day"-series that’s been taken by me:) I got in a discussion with a fellow writer and blogger who’d had a run-in with a giant spider. I just sniffed, crossed myself and uploaded my own picture of this monster-moth that paid me and my roommate a visit in our Cuban penthouse.

Check it: Monster Moth Force 1
I have several other pictures of this beast, but I thought I’d upload one where you can clearly see that its eyes were red.. Meaning it was evil. And big. You could hear its wings flapping, for christ’s sakes! We had several visits from this kind of species. Anyone know the real name of it?

3 thoughts on “Scariest picture of the day

  1. At last I get to see those friggin’ monsters! Aww man! That thing is HUGE! Do you got any pictures showing the scale of that thing? Like you standing on it while holding a rifle in one hand?

  2. I’ve got one of those pictured with Saddam Hussein.
    And one with my buddy Ola’s hand also.
    Most of them are really blurred, though, having been shot while running for cover.

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