Late-night chat-log

Alot of people I’ve hardly chatted with add me to their list because of my 1337 b2 skills (which I must say are highly overrated). Ok. Late night chatting on MSN messenger, when I came upon the mother of a user named Amanda.

Amanda’s mum: Who is this?
Sigg3: My name is Sigbjørn.
Sigg3: I’m a Norwegian, young man.
Sigg3: :)
(a small pause)
Sigg3: And, no worries, not an acquintance of your daughter.
Amanda’s mum: Amanda’s told me about you
Sigg3: :)

2 thoughts on “Late-night chat-log

  1. MSN stinks. But at work I’ve default-everything, and at home I hadn’t had the time to switch from stinkin’ winsux to Linux yet.

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