An update at Kristiania, and some thoughts about the project

Me and Kornelius’ collaboration site, Brev fra Kristiania, has been updated with the first part of yet another intruiging event in these fabolous characters’ lives, after a long time of no updates at all. I hope Kornelius will follow-up as I conclude this event in the 2nd part, coming shortly.

Visit through or
(Norwegian only)

Reading some older posts, I also realize that alot of threads are left untied. I hope to do justice on the little hints of what to come.. I don’t want this project to fade away. Its characters, its sense of dramatical burgeoise written in old Norwegian (not old Norse, but Danish/Norwegian from about 1800s to the point of "maximum modernization" which we’ve put at the language of 1907) that gives it all a theatric experience makes it a unique internet-project. And great entertainment too:)

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