FOY 2004 news: What's happening?

We’re closing in on the Female of the Year 2004 election, but we’re still short of nominees! Call your friends, relatives, mothers and creepy neighbours and ask who they think should be the official Sigg3 dot net femme 2004. Then head back on to the internet and tell me what you’ve come up with!!!

Three new nominations have been accepted, and I will update FOY with them as soon as possible. We still lack five, 5, women though, so I appreciate all help!

Due to the deadline frenzy pushed upon my by matters out of my reach, I’ve forwarded the election-process to December. This is also to let people gather their strenghts around the FOY election, as it is a compassionate hand out to those voting today (in the US or elsewhere:) and people buissy writing their novels, while I try to get a grip of the latest technical issues of my server.. Stay tuned!

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