…I woke up, turned on the radio hearing that Bush had won. «Gee, thanks!» I thought, rubbing my chin. In Norway, Kelly would’ve won. Not because he’s so much "better" than Bush, but because Bush is an asshole. Anyone with a slight sense of the perception of political energy know how the US politics inflicts ignorance upon the rest of the world, not existing ignorance, but a radiant label forced upon us by the arrogance of American leaders.

And don’t forget that we built the Western world! The US ain’t nothing else than a collection of what was once the dreams, ideals, thoughts of Europeans gone to this unchartered piece of land where no authority ruled except for the will of Nature. I’d have done the same. Europe was in famine. Today, however, America seems to have forgotten this. The USA is a child in world history, and we can all see it’s stumbling movements, trying to stand and to walk forward, but it will not ever do this successfully without the blessing of its parents. Usually I could’ve waved it away, focused on other, more immediate concerns. But this child, this ignorant kid, holds a gun. And it’s waving it at its origins, at others, at itself. It creates history without recognizing it. A child seldom know the consequences of particular actions, but a child the size of America should (statistically) have bright minds to weigh up for the mindnumbing mutterings of the masses.

Fuck it. Live and die. Let our grandchildren hate us all.
– –

.. I saw Sean Penn riding a garbage truck this morning. I’ve also seen 2pac a couple of times, riding the tram. More about it will be penned in Exploring the Cityscape.

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