Got Gmail?

Thanks to my sadistic, Bosnian friend Mirza, I got a brand new Gmail account today! He had set up this stupid, stupid contest where the winners could win a Gmail invitation.. and stupid, stupid me participated:


Funny-Bunny said: "I want to make a new friend." So he searched and searched through the telephonecataloge and all over the internet, but he couldn’t find anyone suitable for a new friend.

Funny-Bunny sighed.
"I wish I had one of those g-mail accounts," he said to himself. "If I had one of those, I was sure to make new friends."

But no one would invite him to the party, and thus Funny-Bunny proceeded on his lonely path, friendless and gmailless.

When Funny-Bunny turned fifty, doctors told him that if he didn’t quit drinking his liver would undoubtedly collapse within a year. But it was too late for Funny-Bunny to do anything. So he killed himself.

And that was the story of Funny-Bunny. [The end]

Quite pathetic, yeah? Still I won… Naturally… I’m never going to forgive him.

2 thoughts on “Got Gmail?

  1. I surprised myself and disfunctioned my working self-destroy script. I’ll activate it now, hold on.

    <? php{self.destruct}
    &collapse Yes|No
    &exec yes.txt
    !Yes {self.destruct}

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