FOY 2004, June girl: Salma Hayek

This year’s June girl is a dashing beauty. I wonder why she wasn’t nominated last year? Mirza, who suggested her, told me it stood between her and last year’s winner Angelina Jolie when he nominated last year.
To me, Salma is a girl we all can relate to. She has not, to my knowledge, played in highly sophisticated creations of art, but thrillingly entertaining action movies such as Desperado and Wild Wild West.

FOY 2004, May: Salma Hayek
«I keep waiting to meet a man who has more balls than I do.»

She’s a native Mexican, born in Coatzacoalcos in 1966, which undoubtedly is a reason to her famous good looks, but there’s no question about her talent as an actress. We can only wish her the best in the upcoming Female of the Year 2004. Here are some especially selected photos:

The two best webresources to Salma: IMDB’s page and naturally!

EDIT: Mirza was eager to dispute this post, so I grant him an edit. According to him, one of her latest movies called Frida (read summary) is not a thrilling action-movie, but more in the line of ‘highly sophisticated creation of art’. To me it’s hard to tell, because I haven’t seen the movie. The summary clearly reveals its biographic elements containing artists (and consequently art as well, one should think), but this itself does not create art. I also stick to my "babe" image of her, because in my mind – in my heart, she’ll always be a babe. Sorry for the crude interruption.

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