Pollresults on "How often do you go out to have a drink or ten?"

As we’re closing in on the year, we’re closing down our beloved Weekly Poll as well in order to make way for the upcoming Female of the Year 2004 election. It has been quite fun, and some drag as well, thinking of new polls and how to deal with them. I’m confident, however, that this is a tradition we’ll continue in 2005. An analysis of the statistical material provided will come later. I ensure you it’ll be worth your while! Weekly poll #15, the first one in the second volume, will not be released until January. Stay tuned:)

How often do you go out to have a drink or ten?
Twice a week: 36%
Once a week: 51%
Once every two weeks: 0%
Once every three weeks: 0%
Once every month: 0%
I don’t drink (N/A): 12%
Number of votes: 33

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