Alarmclock crew to jail for 12 years over

I received a most alarming Alarmclock-connection newsletter just now, stating that Norwegian authorities have taken down the crew’s Anti-Bush campaign, which was initially meant as a joke. " is a non-religious movement collecting money for a bounty on Bush’s head." Norwegian policedepartment says the three members of Gatas Parlament might face jail for as long as 12 years, but it’s our hope that the investigation will turn out emptyhanded. In fact, the page has been re-opened abroad:)

In the video called Anti-American Dance with Promoe (45mb) (click to download) American authorities have found that Gatas Parlament has threatened newly selected President Bush on his life. Here you can see the letter sent to the host of KillHim by the Norwegian Police. One should think Norwegian authorities had better things to do, but apparently they don’t agree. Once again we see Norwegian authorities suck up on American government, like a hooker with syphilis granted permission.
And they still lack a sense of humour.

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