FOY 2004, August girl: Charlize Theroni

This potential FOY 2004 is 5′ 9 1/2" (1.77 m), which is exactly my height. She was proposed by someone whose name has disappeared thanks to my host deleting all my archived mail. (Another good reason for going Gmail.) But this post is not about mail or names, it is about the South African actress known best for her performance in The Devil’s Advocate and The Italian Job. Trivial facts includes some interesting family details: When she was 15, her father attacked her mother, and her mother shot her father in self-defense. Her father died, and her mother was not charged in the incident. Her rags to richess story is as cut and pasted from the American dream, a failed ballet dancer who soon was discovered by a Hollywood agent.
We’re honored to have her with us, Charlie:)

FOY 03 August: Charlize Theroni
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She appeared in the May 1999 issue of Playboy magazine, and has previously received more than one prize for her beauty, including a rank of 4th most sexiest women by FHM Taiwan in 2001. We wish her the best of luck in our great competition, where eleven others will challenge her for what’s she’s worth.
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Src: page and Charlize Fanclub

6 thoughts on “FOY 2004, August girl: Charlize Theroni

  1. Amagad, Sigge, you seriously need to do better research! “… South African actress known best for her performance in The Devil’s Advocate and The Italian Job…”

    And the fact that she won a Oscar for her performance in Monster doesn’t count? Seriously man!

  2. You’re right Sigg3,I mean, I’ve got an Oscar. And he doesn’t do shit for me. Doesn’t even do the laundry. Thinking about changing to a James instead. Nice butlers those James.

  3. They do a great job, I agree, but when you turn your back on ’em they tend to sleep with your housemaids. Oscars mostly keeps to themselves.

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