FOY 2004, October girl: Kristanna Loken

It would be easy to think that this year’s October girl was selected just because of her semi-Norwegian heritage. You’re wrong. She’s hot! I regret to say that I haven’t had the chance to see her in action in that latest Terminator movie yet, but I guarantee you I will some uneventful Saturday.

FOY October, Kristanna Loken
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She’s an authentic farm-girl, having grown up in her parents’ fruitfarm in upstate New York. Her personal motto is: "Believe in, and follow your dreams" It will be interesting to see wether she can follow them in our Female of the Year! Here are some of the photos I enjoyed:

That leaves only 2 girls before we commence this year’s election, something I hope will be on the 1st of December. There’s still time to suggest your nominee, if you haven’t done so already.

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