Link of the day: usuck uploads

Alizee dancing!Really strange webcam guyYup. It’s Tuesday, I ain’t got dough for anythin’ else than food, so I’m hanging out at home reading and writing, watching dust form itself on my desk. Great.
Hmm.. Great animated gif, eh? It’s Alizee Jacotey dancing for us!

Link of the day: usuck uploaded pictures
Alot of strange webcam people. Like this guy the guy on the right. Look at him. Scaaaary! Do you know this guy? I mean, look at him. I bet he’s a serial killer. Or at least something of the sort. Like, a delivery boy. Yikes! There are alot of photographs and webcam shots on usuck’s upload page.. I don’t get the point with webcams, though. I mean, when I was 14 or something, just cruisin’ the net with my newly apprehended dual ISDN (128kbps/s) , I thought it was really cool. A bummer, though, that I didn’t have the bandwidth to join in on the fun. I still have 3 webcams collecting dust in my basement. I thought about setting up a "smoke cam" so you could check me out while I was standing outside my window having a cigarette. But then I thought of the dark, my neighbours (whom hates my guts) and the drugdeals which have taken place beneath that window. Better just leave it alone.

.. sheit! It’s 13 min overtime! And I don’t get paid!? What am I doing here?

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