FOY 2004, November girl: Keira Knightley

November is chilly and the introduction to a cold, dark winter. …which is why it is surprising that our November girl is so hot!! She’s a West Ham United supporter, but more famous for her appearance in SW1: The Phantom Menace as Queen Amidala’s decoy, and her roles in movies like The Hole, Pirates of the Caribbean and King Arthur (playing Guinevere).

November 04, Keira Knightley

I was unable to find any larger fansites of Knightley, something I find odd, because she is immensely cute (see the first pic below). There’s no doubt of her worth and she was immediately accepted into our Female of the Year contest.

I haven’t had the chance to see King Arthur yet, but after seeing the pictures I guess I will have to pretty soon:) We wish Keira good luck, only lacking ONE contestant before we can proceed with the FOY 2004 election! There’s still time to suggest a female to the contest!

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