Song of the day: Jeremy Bender

Dedicated to all the ravers in the nation; Pull yourselves together!*

Jeremy bender was a man of leisure,
Took his pleasure in the evening sun
Laid him down in a bed of roses,
Finally decided to become a nun.

Talk with the sister, spoke in a whisper,
Threatened to fist her if she didn’t come clean
Jumped on the mother just like a brother
Asked one another if the other is a queen.

Diggin’ the sister she was a mister
Shouldn’t have kissed her, but he couldn’t say no
Wanted to leave her couldn’t believe her,
So he picked up his suit-case and decided to go

Violently stolen from
(* The dedication, though, has nothing to do with the song..)

4 thoughts on “Song of the day: Jeremy Bender

  1. That introduction reminds me of something…

    Are You ready to Fly
    Can’t Stop Ravin’
    Hand in Hand
    Milion miles Away From Home

  2. You’re probably the only one who can see it. Who else listens to German machinepop?
    I miss Are you ready to Fly. Can you send it to me? on my gmail acc?

  3. No, the question is too hard. I will never rest until I answer it, and it is so difficult that I will never be able to!! Oh no!

    MP, naturally.

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