Lycos: Make Love not SPAM

From International Reporter:
"Lycos Europe took a bold step by starting the ‘Make love not spam’ project. They can publicly backfiere some of the biggest spammers of the world. The spammers are disturbed. However, it is reported that they claimed to have hacked the company’s website so that they could not be attacked, but it is not confirmed by the company."
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The software, a screensaver, sends a request to view a spam source site, when a large number of screensavers send their requests at the same time the spam web page becomes overloaded and slow. It has gotten a differentiated welcome, though.
User Googled @ broadband said this:
Just because they don’t completely overwhelm the server doesn’t mean it’s not a distributed attack.
I think Lycos is going to make quite a few enemies that have quite a bit of money to invest in blackhat counterattacks.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t like spammers, but this is most likely doomed to backfire.

I do agree. Not only enemies with a blackhat arsenal, but maybe some lawsuits as well. There must be some legal problems here. I can smell it a long way. Haven’t tried it yet, though. Maybe I’ll get time to it during the weekend. Don’t forget to vote!

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