I finished the data entry at 11:50 a.m. 800 questionnaires. Phew!
So, I jumped to fixing up since the late version wasn’t supported properly in other browser than IE. Now that IE is history (get firefox now!) I need to focus on browser compability. When I have enough time and energy to do it, I WILL re-design the structure and looks of Sigg3 dot net. Thought you’d better be warned:p

Daisy and me

What do I hope for the weekend? I dunno. I’m sitting here listening to Waits’ Nighthawks at the diner album, thinking about taking myself out. Somewhere nice. I ain’t cheap, you know..

Either way, you should never forget to vote on your favourite femme!!

2 thoughts on “ updated:p

  1. “Now that IE is history (get firefox now!)” Man, what a joke. And I’m getting pissed of al the hype around FoxFire, and that IE is dead.

  2. You’re stopid, man.
    90% of the web’s users thinks Internet Explorer _is_ the internet.
    If you must get pissed at our trying to change something, then piss off somewhere else! :0

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