Over 100 votes in 6 days!

That’s right, boys and girls! Allthough the delays of this year’s FOY contest have undoubtedly caused some restlessness, people are still eager to vote on their favourite female! Here’s the women who’s gotten any:

Elisha Cuthbert: 30%
Jessica Alba: 1%
Jolene Blalock: 2%
Salma Hayek: 29%
Anna Kournikova: 27%
Andrea Diaz: 2%
Kristanna Loken: 2%

It seems we currently have three front-runners, just like last year, but we still have more than three weeks left before the winner will be announced.

On a general note I’d just like to add that winter has come to Oslo in its most terrifying way. Women are all packed-in in big, flobby coats and furs. It’s the season of impregnable imagination. So, even though your bedside is cold, literally untouched, by the goodness grace of a gracious girl, keep warm by focusing on the femmes present in FOY. It warms your feet. Don’t forget to vote!

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