Yes, I am slightly stressed..

I just noticed that I’d written a wrong date of birth on Why would I do something like that, I wonder? To feel younger? Shit, I’m not even 21! To feel older? I feel like I’m 80. It is called stress.

What am I so stressed up about, you ask, working 8-4 then eating, reading and then sleeping? It’s not like you’re actually doing something! Thoughts can be be stressful as well. In fact, I’d say thoughts are the only stress factor there really is. Everything else is just a number of distractions and events that you loose yourself in for a while, only to remember all the things that you didn’t remember to do. Reading fine literature is like adding lives into your own. I pity those who don’t read. They have but one life! Still, there’s the danger of living more in those vastly great books than in your own life, but then again that IS your life, because whoelses’ would it be? Can you see why I’m stressed?

Calm down, Sigg3. You are merely enriching your life. Yeees….

Got to go. They want me to design a searchengine for some website.. boooring.

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