Close encounter of the 3rd kind: I "lost" 15 minutes!!

So there I was, on my way to work, having left my house, my coffe, my shower in a time as to reach my workplace in time. I regularly use none the less than 2-4 minutes on that walk, about a cigarette, but when I came into the office and looked at the time (saying 09:04) I knew immediately that there was something wrong!UFO incidentI had left my place at a quarter to nine, more accurately 08:43 am. I HAD LOST NEARLY 15 MINUTES! I felt groggy. Hungry. Tired.

Then it hit me!
People loosing time is usual in alien abductions. You can just refer to the CIA Blue Book project, I know all about it! I had been abducted! Wow.. Way to go..

Nobody had noticed, but on my way to work a ufo had beamed me up to conduct medical experiments on me. You can refer to the graphical illustration provided. There was also three cows and Yoko Ono. They had to let Yoko go, though. She wouldn’t stop hitting on them, asking for intergalacting sex. (Doh! Everybody knows aliens ain’t got no genitials, that’s why they’re so upset.) I remembered Antonio Villa Boas then, a Mexican farmer if I’m correct, who was abducted and had to impregnate an extra terrestrial woman.

I can’t remember anything of it right now, but I swear it will come back to me. Waking up screaming at night, feeling stinging-sensations where they prodded me with this long-looking needly thing with a little light on the tip of it.

Naturally, my boss didn’t believe me, but he is not a believer anyway!

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