A sexual approach on Google

I was explaining google to an associate at the office, because I insisted on using the google search engine instead of some flawful cgi script.
This is what I wrote to him:

Google is like a girl, first you’ll have to make sure she notices you.
THEN you can make an aquaintance, and begin to let her associate with you.
Problem is that the our webpages doesn’t follow the webstandards.
You could say the page is dressed improperly. Or is wearing a stupid hat.
So it may take some additional time because of that.
But I’ve given google the webpage URL, its "phone number",
and hopefully they’ll have a date soon!

It helps searching every now and then for related keywords in google,
so she remembers. One day, when she feels sure about the page, they’ll bond.

Dang! I’m quite impressed. Never thought I could be that romantic.

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