Sigg3 with Razor Blade Kisses on Channel 4 (UK)?

Remember that I took a quick dip into goth music this summer? That’s right. Goth. For a long time I’ve found goth girls extreme eyecandy, but I’ve never heard any music. Which is why I came across Razor Blade Kisses (click for official webpage) from the UK. I set out in this journey with my usual scepticism, sarcasm and sincere interest, as usual, and it resultet in a post called «Gothic disapproval. A “review” of Razor Blade Kisses». A taste of what I wrote:
"Where am I to listen to this music? At concert? No. It’s too weak. Lying on my couch at home? No. It’s too up-beat. While washing up the dishes? Perhaps. Yes. Or cleaning the bathroom." (Read more)

Last night I got this e-mail from Layla, one of the sensual she-goths of the band, here printed with permission:

> Hello,
> Do you remember me? it’s layla from rbk here. We’ve been invited on a TV show for
> channel 4 to take part in Fight for your Right. Me and my sister who dress
> Goth are one side and we need somebody on the other side who have got to defend
> their point on why they don’t approve of us being into Goth.
> And then I remembered you!! do you live in UK?
> would you like to stand on the other side of the argument?
> They cover the costs of the travel to the studio and you’re also invited to the after show party, etc.
> Thanks,
> Layla

I was shocked.
I trembled.
Yet I knew immediately that I would have to turn them down. I don’t oppose people being goth, nor the right they have to be goth. I might be ignorant, but I’m not stupid. Besides, I wouldn’t look good on television. So I wrote a long, long e-mail to explain the slight misunderstanding and to stress my actual view of it all. Here’s some:

[…]But in my experience alot of daft teenagers insecure about themselves plunge
into the goth wave for a while, before they leave it alltogether.
It’s a vampire wave! When Nirvana was at its height, everyone was wearing
flanel shirts! I lost out on that, being a bit too young:p
It is also my experience that hardrockers, and a long list of other types of
artists, put up more of a show than they do good music.
Call me oldfashioned, but I like getting the same jazz from a compact disc
as in a concert. The same feeling of presence and brilliance.

Tom Waits did it with ‘Nighthawks at the diner’ in 75, for instance.
Have you listened to that record? Man. It’s like being there.

So, I’ll not go to the UK and I’ll not participate in Channel 4’s television program with the RBK, even though I’d really like to meet the band and join in on the after show party. Who wouldn’t?
You can and should download some of their latest tracks over at!
They’ve been getting better reviews than mine since I posted it, but you can’t ban bad taste.

I wish ’em all the luck just the same.
And when I get home, I’ll have a listen to their latest.

EDIT 15.12: According to the Channel 4 homepage, three quarters of the UK population watch Channel 4 during a regular week. That’s 45 million people. Phew.

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