Link of the day: Review of Kango Shicyauzo 2

Into Hentai? Yes/No? Then this is the review for you (written by Zack)! Kango Shicyauzo’s got everything we love in a hentai game; nuns, nurses, and vague semi-incest. In the pool!
Unfamiliar with this game?
The first Kango Shicyauzo impressed my being exceedingly perverted yet not particularly offensive. It included exciting things like lactation, incest, and of course a nun having anal sex with your semi-relative using a strap on dildo.
When he visits Maria, the kindly blue haired Mother Eiji Would Like to Fuck, he is once again smitten by her feminine charms which include looking freakish, eating cookies until she almost dies (seriously), and insulting his decision to become a priest. With smooth moves like these it’s no wonder that Eiji quickly finds himself opening up to Maria about his troubled history with the church. It turns out that Maria is a rather unconventional nun at a local Catholic-themed nursing school and she needs a priest to say religious things and molest the women at the all-girls school.
Read the whole darned thing over at Something Awful dot com!

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