"Beavers and ducks!"

Last night was allright. BBQ at home, had a couple of Guinnes Draughts before I went downtown to Kroa to find out what Saturdaynight was all about. Quiet at first, the level of fun and alcohol gradually rose towards an imaginary peak of satisfaction.. Met a couple who were forced to enjoy our company, and since they didn’t f*ck us off, we stayed.

Later, drunk, we parted from the folks @ Kroa and headed towards our disco/pub which was quite filled with dreaming people who were out to catch some underaged fun or HIV. Tried to access the bar a couple of times, they’ve got a 20-years limit there because of the booze, but our friendly securityguy which I baptized ‘Peter’ in all its biblical sence last night, kept throwing us out.

After the whole thing there we’d been there for around 3 pints, roughly an hour in other words, and then we left to have some nachspielbeer and healthier music (i.e. Tom Waits’ "Closing Time").

Today has been pretty daft, saw Bandits (starring Bruce Willis and Billy-Bob Thornton) with Kornelius, generally just recovering.. Tomorrow I’ll be lawnmowing and doing some administrative work alas trying to get a job in Oslo or Kristiansand. Good night:)

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