Latest Internet Relay Chat – logs (IRC)

<Dogan> Just try and imagine michael jackson as a football player
<Samurai> ….
<Samurai> All that i’m going to say to that is:
<Samurai> the touchdown dances would be insane

<+Celestar> there was some gun with a warning: "When shooting on people, clothing may be damaged"

<Reliken> AIM is like the ugly chick who gives SUCH good head, and works sooooooo well. MSN is like the typical hot blonde. Gorgeous, but you can’t communicate with her. Yahoo! is the creepy guy whacking off in the corner that no one likes, and Trillian is the average looking bisexual male.

<green> We vegetarians love the environment. carnivores are sick freaks.
<Frank> How can vegetarians possibly love the environment.. you keep eating all the fucking plants

<peer> Bad timing is when you are running late and you get all the red lights
<+FyreDaug> Nah, bad timing is what happened yesterday
<+FyreDaug> One of my girl friends was over and she asked me to do something and I was doing something on my computer already so I said "just gimmie another sec"
<+FyreDaug> and shes like "aw cmon I’ve given you lots of secs already!"
<+FyreDaug> as my mom was walking upstairs where the computer room is. She just looked at me funny and walked away

<Rostam> 1 in 4 girls has problems with incest at home
<Rostam> that sickened me
<Shrap|Wal> the others 3 are fine with it ?

>M[at]> know what I hate?
>M[at]> when you download shrek 2, and find its in german
>M[at]> then download it again and get it in french
>M[at]> then download it again and finding its a different film
>M[at]> then do you know whats worse?
>M[at]> when you download debbie does dallas
>M[at]> and get the english version of shrek 2 :(

[Lex_Talion] if the english language was good enough for our lord jesus christ, then it should be good enough for everybody else!

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