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Here I am, defragmenting another laptop, cleaning it for malware and making it ready to go out in that brave new world of ours. In waiting I’ve been reading alot here and there. Here’s a great post from a Linux user on slashdot, advocating the free OS.

Knoppix is […] so easy to use that my 87 year old grandmother who is so frial she can’t leave her bed (we’ve had a hospital bed put in her room for her) can literally boot an old laptop (with DOS 6.2 installed) and use it to email and *even instant message* her grandson (me), who is 300km away.

P.S. I told my grandmother about the microsoft-flaming-firefox thing… she said (and I quote, verbatim) "Someone should tell those… those… those Microstuff people (shes a little poor of hearing) to smarten up or be quiet." (Read more)

While Slashdotting, I came across this great article on Hackers vs. DirecTV in the Slashdot Hall of Fame. It’s a great read and shows that the industry may not be daft at all times. Brilliant.

And while we’re at it, have a look at this fine looking hooker!
Best one I’ve seen all my life!

The definitely best x-mas gift of all year: Have a sneak peek under the tree!
And the scariest picture of the x-mas: 5yo Cornelius, CS player

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