Last poll count before X-MAS

Yup. I’m going away for x-mas, and my updating capabilities will be strongly reduced. I’ll be like Superman with earrings of Cryptonite. Reduced.

Elisha Cuthbert: 27%
Jessica Alba: 1%
Audrey Hepburn: 0%
Jolene Blalock: 3%
Tara Reid: 0%
Salma Hayek: 29%
Anna Kournikova: 30%
Charlize Theroni: 0%
Andrea Diaz: 1%
Kristanna Loken: 1%
Keira Knightley: 1%
Kate Beckinsale: 0%

Number of votes: 313

As we can see from the figures, Russian Anna Kournikova has a small lead on the two follow ups, Hayek and Cuthbert. Last year the Russian popduo t.A.T.u managed to get a few votes, but Kournikova has brought Russian femmes to new heights. Thanks for everyone voting so far, but we are far from finished! Vote!

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