Up North to Family, Food and Sauna (Have a merry x-mas!)

Tomorrow at 9am I’ll (hopefully) be on a bus heading for the airport. Next stop: Tromsø, Paris of the North. There we’ll stay for a day and celebrate with my father, then it’s on to another plane heading for Lakselv in Finnmark. It’s cold, desolate and windy. I love it.

My uncle and aunt live there with their two kids, dog, four cats and two squirrels. I’m not kidding. They have a couple of squirrels! And they have a sauna. Yup. What’s more appealing than getting undressed, run out in the snow in -13°F (-25°C) and into a sauna with a houndred degrees Celsius (212°F)? Nothing. Almost nothing.
Afterwards, resting in a towel in front of the fireplace with a cup of coffe and cognac.. Occupying the stereo with my aunt’s Tom Waits collection. It’s all you can ever ask for. Total relaxation.

I’ll be back in Oslo two days short of New Year’s Eve, and I’ll have to job plus cover my roommate’s janitor business, since he broke his arm snowboarding.

In the meanwhile I wish you a very merry christmas, but don’t forget to vote!

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