Googlism 'Sigge' and x-mas wishlist #1

Coolest googlism results for Sigge:

sigge is called snooze and lives with lotten and sigges’ sister glader
sigge is truly an organizer and leader
sigge is keeping an eye on the puppies
sigge is another one
sigge is also the father of my foundationbitch mandy
sigge is a persistant drummer struggling to become a good one

You wanna buy me the perfect x-mas present? Here it is!

2 thoughts on “Googlism 'Sigge' and x-mas wishlist #1

  1. They didn’t have anything on ‘koew’ so I wrote Vegard, these are some out of many:
    “vegard is alive”
    “vegard is getting ?old? and have started to sell wool products”
    “vegard is 17 years old”
    “vegard is doing fine after his operation which has hopefully solved his problem once and for all”
    …and the final one:
    “vegard is the guy who allways has the solution”
    Hell yeah!

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