Back from the North

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Here I am again. Oslo. Da big city. Snowy.

My first nights on our little x-mas journey were pretty sleepless. I fear I’ve grown too accustomed to my bed in my little half-flat here in Little Kariachi, and since the rent ain’t cheap I suspect I’ll have to move again when I finish my pacifist service.
But don’t worry. Can’t live nowhere without internet access.
Anyway, there I was among cats and kids tryin’ to sleep, nearly drunk every night. X-mas was a long party in slow motion. And lots of good people. And the food.

Really, I don’t celebrate christmas for personal reasons, but I do celebrate friends and family, so I always strive to be the least stressful one. I got some x-mas presents as well, totally took me by surprise! I mean, I’m like 20 so I’d stay happy with a glass of whisky and Tom Waits on the stereo, but some kitchen items and VCR videos are always welcome. I think me and my brother have crossed the 300 limit now. And I’ve watched most of them more than two times..

I was also shocked to meet some people who’d taken note in my blog. Really shocked. I never think people read this shit. Why would anyone do such a thing? It’s totally uninteresting. It’s like a peepshow of crash test dummies. Works for five minutes. But I do appreciate it, I really do:)

Yep, back here it’s all snowy. And my flat was freezing when I came last night. I was dancing around vacuuming my clothes from dog and cathair just to keep warm.
From today of I’m supposed to do the janitor tasks in my building. So I hope the WeatherGods®™ do their part to make it all melt away before I leave work at three pm today. Coming from the North of Norway I’ve done my part of shuffling snow in this world. Hours and hours. Days and days. Years and years.
Maybe I should pay the immigrant kids to do it?
Then there’s the washing of the basement. I tell ya, the basement looks like the catacombs of old Rome, like the sauna of the Greeks, and I’m supposed to clean it.

Oh well. ‘s about time to ignore some more work. See you around!

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