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Someone has fucked me real bad, my mail is filling up with SPAM. For those unknown to the policies of Sigg3 dot net I’ll have to just scribble down a few points from the ultimate Constitution:

  • §1a. Anonymity. All the persons mentioned on Sigg3 dot net’s newsblog should, if not already official persons, be protected against personal attacks by being mentioned as mr. White or dr. Death.
  • §1b. If it is crucial to the case at hand to expose personal information, §1a can be overruled by yours truly.
  • §6a. SPAM Spamming (on webpages, chatrooms, IRC, MSNm, FIX or over e-mail) is strictly prohibited and should at all costs be banished from the ‘net. Statistics shows us that SPAMming is ineffective as to sell products, but great in order to ruin a beautiful day.
  • §6e. SPAM from Sigg3 dot net. This should and will not happen!

As you can see, spamming is strictly prohibited. Now: stop spamming me!!!!!!!!!

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