Female of the Year 2004: Salma Hayek

I haven’t had the chance nor the energy to really congratulate the Female of the Year 2004, namely Salma Hayek who won with a good 5% lead in front of the America-favoured Elisha Cuthbert who got 34% of the votes. Congratulations, Salma!

I was taken aback when Pauly got sick just before New Year’s Eve and in and around x-mas, because his plea to make readers vote really boosted Cuthbert’s chances leaving the FOY 2004 #3 femme, Anna Kournikova, back with only about one fifth of the votes. And I must admit that I was certain Cuthbert was going to win.

But it didn’t end so. Shortly after the voters of FOY had crossed my 550 vote line and also the 650 vote line, MIB reorganized his minions, drafting voting-soldiers from around the parts of the web he’s hanging out at and yet again I was taken aback. Here’s a taste of his chatlogs.

On January the 1st at around 4pm I managed to pull myself together to officially end the election. The final results spoke clearly, and from my webstatistics there are no reason to believe any foul play was involved from any parties. In fact, it’s all politics.
The exact order of the femmes will be published later this week on the Female of the Year 2004 page. Feel free to comment this year’s contest on that page.

Once again I must thank you all for participating. I am honestly without words when I see the dedication of some of FOY’s voters, and all honour to you as this competition and webpage as a whole would’ve been nothing without you. Thank you again!

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