Some 2005 changes to ye olde Sigg3 dot net…

I’ve been way too buissy to update this page for a wee while, I regret to say. I bet you’ve all been like "He’s probably getting so much love-mail that his server is probably down."
But no.
All I got was this spam-mail from Cheating Housewife Services. Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but I didn’t know you needed a service to cheat on your housewife.

I’m working on an XHTML 1.0/Strict version of this page, with improved and customized CSS. And valid too.. YES! I’m good!
Don’t worry, you won’t notice anything:p

I haven’t opened the weekly polls yet, as I am unsure about the need for it this year. Remember that I know all about you! In addition, it’s alot of work and I want to save my energy for Female of the Year 2005! But please comment on this. You decide. You want it you got it!

New and extraordinary features on Sigg3 dot net:

  1. New code coming up (whoa!) 
  2. New and re-designed subsections (incl. more photographs) 
  3. Group of Concerned People webring/log (still coding)
  4. Jesus Blog! (up & running!) 
  5. And perhaps very likely maybe some more too.. 

And today I got DruidX’s Award (scroll below the links) for having an entertaining website. She gave me a 5 out of 5:
"Well. All I can say is what an amazing site! I’m wondering why you think you need my award, since your site gives me the impression of a free-thinking, self-confident, individualistic kind of person who doesn’t need an award of this kind to justify themselves. I think I could sit here for hours Just reading through your archives. 5/5, undeniably."
Well, thank you Lau, you have a cool way of abbreviating Laurie.
And we all need some awards.

There’s without a doubt something I’ve forgotten, but it will come to me. Then to you. Through Sigg3 dot net. Good night.

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