"Misery's the river of the world"

So it’s Monday again. Hooray!
Taking my vitamins this morning my roommate scared the shit out of me sneaking in the dark like that. Almost swallowed my pills.. Which I was to anyway, but you know. Then, while doing my hair in the shower this long, evil laughs erupted from the kitchen. With really pumped up classics flowing from the radio. I was certain the guy finally had lost it and was waiting for me with his long fishknife or something. Waited there until he’d left. By then my skin was all like a raisin. Monday mornings..

Slightly hung over too. Had a childhood friend in town yesterday, so me and Kornelius met him at our café.. Since he’d a sore throat from running around in the woods all weekend (don’t ask), we figured doing whisky shots of ol’ Irish Jameson on a soft foundation of a Guinnes Draught was a great idea. Apparently it wasn’t. He totally lost his voice, but that was ok because I was doing all the talking anyhow, but I really don’t have money for food.. I took a day off last week, Friday it was, and I’ve partied each day since.

God awful morning at the mercy of an American chick named miss Jennings who whips me to do her distribution list. Superbe! Couldn’t have asked for anything else, eh? Oh well, I brought The Battle of Los Angeles by Rage against the machine with me this morning. Time for some serious Excel work, coffe drinking and a-rythmical headbanging. My neck is done for anyway.

EDIT, half an hour later:
And now I sneezed all over my sweater. Great.. Monday mornings, I tell ya.

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