Scariest picture of the day: eh…uhm… myself?

Yep. People have been nagging me for not having proper pictures of myself on the web. There are two main reasons for this: 1) I don’t like pictures of myself and 2) my primal fear for my pictures being used in pornographic contexts. Not that I’m that hot, but I’m still a little paranoid.

But since Fafo insisted on taking a picture for their staff page, I thought what the heck and uploaded it to my co-op server hosted by my cousin.

So here it is, ladies and gentlemen,
Scariest picture of the day: myself (big file, 1.4mb)
My eyes were running from a caffeine shock, my skin was itching, I was a little unshaved and I couldn’t care less about the photosession. Still it turned out alright. I’m just beautiful enough to pull it through.

Parental advisory:
This picture should not be viewed without the presence of an adult parent or guardian, and Sigg3 dot net cannot be held responsible for any pshychological damages this graphic may inflict upon children.

4 thoughts on “Scariest picture of the day: eh…uhm… myself?

  1. Before reading about the ex-model company lady, I thought you were beautiful. Actually, my first thought regarding you pertained to your writing as that is how I was “introduced” to you. I think you’re quite funny, which is grand. But I’m supposed to be commenting about the photograph. Yes, you are beautiful! Your picture wasn’t scary at all. Now I feel cheated :( I was expecting some sort of monstrous being! There must be some way you can make up for the lack of hideousness…

    cheers :)

  2. Hmm..
    Echo, you shouldn’t be reading webpages without your glasses…and with your eyes closed..and with your head turned _away_ from the screen.

    Me: Objection!
    Judge: Objection sustained.

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