Where did the goldrush go?

All of a sudden I’ve got nothing to do again. I suppose it’s because I yesterday re-commenced my writing. And I’m waiting for several replies on various issues, e.g. wether this girl wants to see me or not, why a php script I’ve written just doesn’t respond etc. etc.. In the meantime I might as well be creative.

Here’s the scariest picture of the day: Kiddy Darth Maul

This spring is pretty go-STOP! go-STOP! if you know what I mean.
My civil service, my 13 months wasted on this country, is soon over. go!
I’ll be out of income, and homeless in the middle of March. STOP! etc..

2 thoughts on “Where did the goldrush go?

  1. That picture is hilarious. I think I will dress my kids up every day of the year, when I finally meet a women worthy of my seed and have them of course.

  2. Look at the way he’s sitting! Doesn’t look very happy.. Maybe he’s kidnapped or his Sci-Fi fanatic parents _makes him_ walk around in those clothes.
    “This week you’re R2-D2, son. And remember, you can only speak in beep and blips.”
    But who’d look happy in a Darth Maul costume anyway?

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