Pollresults on NY Resolutions:)

I’ve pulled myself together and decided to end this charade.
It’s February, after all..

You have any new year resolutions?
Yes and this year I’ll keep em!: 7%
Yes, but I’ll probably not keep them: 14%
Nope: 77%
NA: 0%

Number of votes: 27

I read a good deal from these answers, analytically speaking. The majority has returned a negative response, which reveals you as a down-to-earth kind of crowd, not overly enthusiastic about optimistic promises and false hopes. Kind of like me! I do have some New Year Resolutions that I intend to keep, though. The trick is coming up with stuff that you have a slight possibility of keeping!

Sigg3’s Ten NY Resolutions for 2005®™
1. I will not fall in love with Jennifer Love Hewitt
2. I will begin to study, even if it’s a bartender-class
3. I will stop tipping people who don’t deserve it
4. I will not stop smoking
5. I will most definetely not join the army
6. I will cut my hair occasionally
7. I won’t let Angelina Jolie into my bed (too often)*
8. I will update Sigg3 dot net
9. I’ll keep up with having a good taste
10. I will tell Pamela Anderson to piss off if she tries anything!

* That’s a life-saving clausul, just in case.

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