Poll #15: Have you ever sat on a horse?

My brother’s sweetheart is a horse personality. In fact, she 0wnz a horse herself, and keeps my brother in the stable on a regular basis. No, my brother is not a horse.
Mule kills pumaAnyway, until today I thought that horses were lame ass animals, used for props in great Western movies. Probably because girls are always whining about how sensitive they are, how intelligent they are etc. etc. because I really have a problem with intelligent beings allowing anyone to sit on them. That’s neither intelligent or sensitive.
But eMili (her nick) sent my brother these awesome pictures today of a mule killing a puma, and that totally changed my mind: Some horses KICKS ASS, and some don’t. Which brings me to this week’s poll:

Poll #15: «Have you ever sat on a horse?»

Click here to visit: brother, brother’s gf or check out the Puma execution!

EDIT: Thanks to Fredrik for help with the grammar!

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