The need for a clean code..

Sigg3 dot net must be re-coded. And what better man to do it than I? (Or: what other man to do it…) Have a look at this screenshot caught with a HP iPaq handheld computer: on a PDA
This can be fixed quite easy, however, thanks to the @media rule:
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="pda.css" media="handheld" />

That said, I wonder what kind of people it is that surfs the web on PDAs.. I did a google query for PDA people. This is the kind of people that surf the web on handhelds. They look good-hearted. Gotto love them. New CSS coming.

5 thoughts on “The need for a clean code..

  1. Thanks for following your big brother’s career, man:)
    I’m writing a program in Visual CE (for PDAs) using iPaq, VCE and Access Database.
    Quite fun, actually.
    But the deadline is tough.
    Oh.. And I might go to Africa soon..

  2. Yeah, well, with ids on the sidebars, I can hide them, hide the title and only display the essentials of the blog + the top window.
    But re your suggestion. Would that be done with php or javascrpt?

  3. in PHP of course… There is a b2 hack for this, with a detection code as well… cant remember the name, but it probably wont be too hard to find.

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