Horse Police Force engaged to spread fear and terror?

They’re at it again. Talkin’ about the horsepolice. Prancing around with their horses, messing up the traffic and neglecting the horse-droppings they spread all over town.. And what the hell is the point?

I could understand having horse-officers in a parade or something, but doing regular patrol? I’d like to see a gallant steed apprehend a cunning, teenage shop-lifter, for instance. Or a rusty mare tackle two houndred drunk football fans that rampage my city whenever there’s a meaningless game going. And can you picture a donkey dissolving a terrible traffic-jam? Actually I can, but it doesn’t look good.

And what could a horse really do? Plant its hooves in my face? I’d sue them for cosmetic surgery costs! And the cops don’t get a good swing-range with their bats from up there. Cops in Norway can’t carry fire-arms, thank God. So anyone could duck into a narrow side-street easily. And it’s not like a horse could sneak up from behind you either.

I can’t imagine they learn any special tricks or anything. Like narco-dogs can snif out heroin and whatnot, but I’ve never heard of a narco-horse. Except for those in fixed races, naturally.

The horses generally make me nervous. I imagine they can freak out and frenzy any time.
Maybe that’s the point? A backwards display of power. It’s a classic statement as it has been delivered to skanks and hustlers of the dark ages until today: "Civil disobedience is still disobedience. And we don’t like it."
Hmm.. well.. Civil obedience my ass! You still shit on my streets!!

Don’t forget to do the poll: Have you ever sat on a horse?

3 thoughts on “Horse Police Force engaged to spread fear and terror?

  1. Random quote from our favourite band named ‘Faithless’ (I’ve only come across one band so far, but still):
    “On the way of humanity I shit at the gates.”

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