Daft Punk with new album: Human After All

Since their phenomenal debut with Homework in 1997 (I think), these two French robots have been rocking my livingrooms with everything from hard-core, electronic punk to soft and sweet dance melodies.

My brother made me aware of this article by Undercover News which states that the band "will return with their first studio album in 4 years in March. ‘Human After All’ will follow-up 2001’s ‘Discovery’." Great! I’m always in for new stuff from my two favourite robots! The album was apparently recorded between September and November 2004.

What is so fascinating about Daft Punk?
They are original, believe it or not! If you like dance then you will like the "naive" tracks of Discovery and if you’re more like me, into the hard core of music, then the creativity behind (and in) their Homework album will blow your hat off! That is if you are into wearing hats too.. If not, you can probably wear one for the occasion. It’s worth it!
Let us not forget the most imminent fact, though; the fact that they are robots. Gotto love ’em!

In the meantime you should definetely Kazaa around for their 70 minute concert, which is one long, live party-track! I can’t remember the name or the place, only that it rocked. Helpful tips and comments appreciated. Stay tuned for March.

The live record is simply called Alive 1997. Thanks, bro.

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