Maddox writing a book!

That’s right you! Maddox, ye olde fav’rite pirate running the best page in the Universe are writing a book! No bullshit! Here’s what he writes:

Holy shit! I’m writing a book!
Partly fueled by my desire to give children the "wrong ideas about life," and partly fueled by contempt for trees, I have decided to write a book. I’ve been mentioning my "other projects" for months, and this is one of the big projects I’ve been working on. Here are some details:

Publisher: Kensington Books
Release Date: March ’06
Page count: 144
Title: To be announced

The genre is still up in the air. The publisher wants to release it under "humor" but I’m pushing to have it released in devotional literature or self help.

You can sign on to his book mailing list and check out the stats by American high-schools:) If you’re asking who the hell is Maddox? then think again.

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